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Welcome to BBGC

A Global Business and Technology Consultancy

We help you to leverage the latest technology to solve business problems.

About Us

We are a leading technology consultancy firm with over 20 years experience in supporting clients in across multiple industries and many facets of the digital landscape. We work with some of the world’s biggest and most innovative organizations to provide bespoke solutions. We partner with our clients and are trusted to resolve their most technology and business challenges.

Our Services

Our Services

At BBGC we provide a range of solutions, leveraging cutting edge
technologies led by our experienced consultants

Software Engineering

We support you to deliver your most challenging technology programmes with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. Our engineers

Cloud Services

We can deliver migration and platform services across all the major cloud providers to support your business needs.

CTRM Consulting

Our consultants provide their expertise across commodities and trading with Product Selection, Implementation, Support and Customisation

Data Services

We support our clients with architecture, engineering and modelling solutions to maximise value from their data landscape.

Our Industries

Retail & Consumer Markets

From enhancing customer experiences to driving product innovation and market expansion, we empower our clients

Financial Services

Our team can support your business across banking, investment and insurance with development and cloud

Energy, Commodities & Utilities

Navigate the dynamic world of energy, commodities & utilities with our comprehensive solutions and industry